#AQAW2020 Day 5

Educational resources for families & teachers

For #AQAW2020 Day 5, we wind down our journey along Air Quality Awareness Week 2020 with a plethora of educational resources for teachers, parents and students.

In the last nearly eight weeks, educators and families have had to make quick changes to this school year’s plans. The coronavirus pandemic caused an upheaval across the board, and schools weren’t immune to the effects.

To that end, we’ve focused distinctly on providing numerous educational resources throughout Air Quality Awareness Week.

#AQAW2020 Day 5 is the cherry on top.

First, we want to remind teachers, parents and students throughout our broad jurisdiction of our 2020 Clean Air Month Poster Contest. May is recognized as Clean Air Month, and generally that’s the culmination of our annual contest. This year, we’ve extended the deadline to submit in light of school closures. Learn more about the contest here.

Second, AirNow and the U.S. EPA have offered another artistic activity based on air quality education. They invite students to use a provided template to express why clean air is important to them personally. They can do this through drawing, writing, or a combination of both.

Get the template and complementary instructions here.

Lastly, the National Association of Clean Air Agencies has compiled an extensive list of educational activities. NACAA has pulled together from air quality and similar environmental agencies throughout the U.S. numerous links to these resources.

However you do it, make today, #AQAW2020 Day 5, a day of fun in education through any of the resources provided. We invite those who wish to share their participation on social media should use the hashtag #AQAW2020 and tag @MDAQMD in the posts.

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